Transforming the pensions industry to embrace purpose, personalisation and pace

Virtual Roundtable

9:30 am

The pensions industry is evolving rapidly. Alongside changing consumer expectations around personalisation, accessibility and transparency, the introduction of the Pensions Dashboard Programme in 2023, will be significant. 

“Pensions dashboards will enable individuals to access their pensions information online, securely and all in one place, thereby supporting better planning for retirement and growing financial wellbeing.” Chris Curry, Principal, Pensions Dashboards Programme

This will be a tremendous opportunity to win new customers. As people find it easier to view their pensions, providers will have an unprecedented opportunity to engage with their customers, differentiate themselves with unique offers and build long-term relationships. But, for those firms not prepared to change at pace, it’s a threat as well as an opportunity. 

We will consider the increased pressure on pension companies to personalize and differentiate their offer, and how digital technologies can be leveraged to support. We will address how sustainability has become a non-negotiable for consumers, and how pensions companies must respond. And we will discuss the significance of the UK Pensions Dashboard, what must companies do to be ready, and how best can they capitalize on the new patterns of consumer behaviour that may result. 

Join the discussion of how consumer preferences are changing and what pension companies need to do to keep up with these changes.

The questions we will explore

During the meeting we will focus on topics/questions such as:

  • Examples of how digital technology can support pensions firms to provide better personalisation, higher service levels, and lower costs. 
  • Organisational changes require to meet the accelerated pace of change and the democratisation of information that results from digital technology. 
  • Approaches to shaping new, unique offers that meet consumer demands, for example around sustainable investment options. 

Who is invited?

This breakfast meeting is designed for senior decision makers in the pension industry who wish to discuss the best ways to invest and capitalize on the opportunities that digitalization will bring. Delegates will work at large organisations in the pensions sector.

Be one of 6 senior pensions and financial services professionals around our virtual table. For any enquiries, please contact Mergim on 0208 349 6458 or email

The breakfast briefing is brought to you by PA Consulting and is only for senior executives as mentioned above. Registrations of junior professionals, consultants, solution providers or other sellers to this market won’t be accepted. To be eligible you must be employed by a corporate legal entity such as a private company: if you are a sole trader or in a partnership other than a legally incorporated partnership, we will be unable to offer you a place.

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