The Future of Healthcare October 2019

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Healthcare is big business. Not just in the sense that the global pharmaceutical industry is worth billions of dollars annually, but because of the increasing realisation across industries that looking after the health and wellbeing of the humans who work for them is far more profitable than not doing so. Doing the right thing, it turns out, is a lot easier when it can actually save you money.

Technology and automation have long been factors when it comes to our healthcare and wellbeing, and never more so than in the last few years. Looking after people has never been cheap or simple, and as populations get older and budgets are squeezed, finding ways for technology to take some of the strain from frontline staff – from using AI to triage patients to apps that help medical professionals share patient information – has found its way into government policy.

Wellbeing has long been seen as an inconvenience, but we could be at a stage where its importance is finally being recognised by the world of business – and where technological advances can make a serious contribution to how we look after ourselves.

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