The Future CFO October 2019

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With the traditional image of the chief financial officer as an austere bean-counter jealously guarding the company purse-strings, it might be a stretch to see the modern iteration as a job that’s at the very heart of modernisation and transformation.

But the unique perspective and skills of CFOs – who manage the hard numbers behind any business, as well as the systems that keep them ticking – put them at the heart of any systemic change, and their jobs are shifting from something solely concerned with caution and detail to one that embraces this potential. Digital transformation, for example, is affecting every industry, and who better to oversee the challenges than those also charged with the company’s financial wellbeing? And in the challenges of today’s big data era, too, no one is more qualified than the CFO when it comes to translating financial data into actionable insights for other parts of the business.

CFOs have always been quietly crucial elements of any business, but in today’s faster-moving, more agile environment, it’s a role that’s perfectly placed to grow into something far more creative and influential than just balancing the books.

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