How should leaders learn, and what should they read?

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How should leaders learn, and what should they read?

Many business authors have become internet sensations via public speaking, self-publicity and the phenomenal education platform that is TED talks. Simon Sinek, Daniel Pink and Seth Godin have all gathered global follow­ings with inspired ideas about how we should work to best inspire. Whitney Johnson, Terence Mauri and Tiffani Bova each have thousands of followers who not only read their publications but engage with them directly through social media. They speak regularly at conferences worldwide and carry powerful messages with them.


The benefit of such close contact with management thinkers is twofold. Firstly, there is the real-time learning that comes from instant publication or comment. Sec­ondly, they are all aware of and respect each other, and work in a form of “digital manage­ment collaborative”. Ideas breed new ideas and theories support the work of others. The net effect is an ever-expanding ripple of original material, accessible by all.

However, the real quality of a business writer or educator is not defined by the fi­nancial success brought by these powerful networks. Although writing across a broad range of subjects, they are all similar in one aspect: they are passionate about what they believe in and want to help as many people as possible learn from their ideas. Their principles are to disrupt the status quo, be innovative and bring a better way of working for all. Management thinking, once a dry directive, has now moved to the mainstream, bringing its own rock stars with it.


Today we have a greater selection of business writing available to us than ever before. Even where 200 pages might seem too time-consuming either to write or read, thousands of articles are published online every day. And where it is still important to seek quality, the change in delivery mechanism and engagement levels means we are not only fully immersed in the think­ing of the individual but inspired to take our own ideas and bring them to the fore.

By NCFLM: The National Centre for Leadership and Management (NCLM) is a multimedia association for all leaders and managers, embedding world class leadership and management development that will effect lasting change in knowledge, skills and behaviours. Delivering formal executive-level qualifications, the NCLM is proud to count the leading management thinkers of our generation as colleagues in the delivery of such relevant and inspiring education. 

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