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In 2015’s post-apocalyptic demolition derby remake Mad Max: Fury Road, a bunch of refugees bump into a biker gang of old ladies. One of these elderly partisans is carrying a small handbag containing the most valuable treasure of the economic armageddon: seeds.

In the film it’s simply pure luck that the heroes are given a second chance to grow crops in this barren world. But in the real world, it’s a scenario that’s occupied scientists and governments for some time – all over the world teams are consciously preparing for this nightmarish vision by developing massive seed banks that can withstand the shock of wars and catastrophes.

One of these doomsday vaults belongs to Kew Gardens in London, Britain’s botanic headquarters. But the custodians of the Millenium Seed Vault don’t see their workplace as a doomsday vault. Why? Watch this documentary to find out.

Originally published in Business Reporter Online: June 2018

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